What is Internet Culture?

internet cultureThe late 20th century marked the dawning of the internet age, and from it arose a global phenomenon, the likes of which have never been seen in history. The internet became so prevalent that it is one of the only human movements in history to develop its own distinct culture without the component of in-person interactions. This phenomenon is what gave birth to “internet culture,” or “cyber culture,” which is characterized by the formation of networks through computer usage and how it impacts society. Internet culture is highly relevant as more and more of human interaction goes digital, and the direction that internet culture takes will have major consequences on human culture across the globe.

Internet culture entails the way that people interact with each other digitally and form social patterns. When the internet first emerged as a communications option, people were overwhelmingly intrigued with it and it became an instant focal point in the lives of those who had access to it. Over time, the internet became a common thing that demonstrated more and more the character of its users. People tend to use the internet as an outlet for forms of expression that would not take place in person. In some ways, it is healthy. It is not uncommon for people to communicate better through writing. However, in other ways, it is unhealthy because certain inhibitions that have developed for the sake of protecting the greater social good are shed and forgotten.

Internet culture is characterized by the shedding of inhibition in communication. One of the most common complaints about how people interact online is how often people feel untouchable behind a computer screen. Common courtesy, respect and human decency are frequently abandoned within internet culture and are replaced by hate speech, abuse and needlessly aggressive language, which is not a positive attribute of internet culture. It is unknowable how this trend will progress into the future, but it is the collective opinion that this type of behavior should not be esteemed.