The History of Internet Culture

The nation India is known for its culture and history all around the world. The entire world is amazed by its glorious historical background. India is a nation which is admired by every other country whether India’s mythological stories of Gods and Goddesses or the history of its Mughal and Colonial rule of Britishers. Right […]

Pop Culture vs Internet Culture

Several corporate leaders are actually indicating that their approach to corporate strategy and business planning has changed drastically in the last five years. All of us suspect that there are much more changes to come. Current conversations more than a few executives have shared that 5 and 10 year business plans really no longer seem […]

How Modern Culture Translates to the Internet

Rubber ducks have enjoyed a meteoric rise from simple rubber bath toy to a popular culture icon. Although the exact date of the first rubber duck to be produced is unknown, the development of the traditional yellow rubber duck certainly coincided with the development and advance of the rubber industry in the early 19th century. […]

What is Internet Culture

Haitian culture is one of the appealing cultures in the world. It is a blend of traditional western, Latin American, and spiced up with African culture. The name Haiti is used to refer to “mountainous country” and is derived from Taino Indians who were living in this island before Europeans established their authority. The name […]